Privacy Policy

As mbop holds data about young people, it is important to keep this private and secure. The Data Protection Act (2018) provides a framework for this.

For a start, the data collected is relevant and limited only to what is necessary. Student data on mbop consists of a first and last name. Staff data consists of a first and last name and an email address.

Any payment information provided is kept on stripe, which has its own privacy policy

Additionally, all mbop is hosted on fully-EU based infrastructure, ensuring that data is kept safe legally as well as physically.

Your rights

You have the right to:

be informed about how your data is being used

That's this document you're reading now

access personal data

All data held on you and those in your institution is available using the management dashboards.

have incorrect data updated

All data is able to be updated via the management dashboards

stop or restrict the processing of your data

To accomplish this, you can delete your account via the management dashboard. All institution data will instantly be removed from the live database. mbop has a rolling backup cycle, so all data will be removed from backups within a few months.

If you have a concern about how your data is processed, or wish to enact any of the above rights without using the management dashboard, please get in touch